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Patient Stories

Testimonial 1

"I would like to post my story on the patient support site so that I may correspond with others in a similar situation to myself.
I lost my eye at the age of five in a freak accident at a birthday party. I am 33 now and have never known what it’s like to have vision in two eyes. I would be lying if I said that having a prosthetic eye hadn't impacted on my life. There was no support back in the early 80's in Ireland and my mum was the only person who I would talk to about it. All my friends know now and I don't mind at all. I’d never let them see me without the prosthesis though!!!!!"



Testimonial 2


"I was so, so impressed with the professionalism of this outfit, the staff were amazing and made the whole experience a pleasure. popped in for an eye test, 15 minutes later had my new glasses, the whole world opened up to me. No pain, no discomfort, no problems!"



Testimonial 3


"My wonderful optician at Daniel and David Eye Clinic recommended I try multi-focal contact lenses. I decided to give it a go. The end result is fantastic, and I have not stopped gloating to all my friends and associates who still wear glasses"


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